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Ozzie For Sheriff

Ozzie Knezovich takes the Spokane County Sheriff Election

Ozzie Knezovich was running for Sheriff of Spokane County. We were recommended to him to develop his web site. After a few meetings with Ozzie and his campaign staff, we began the development process. In four weeks, we gathered most of the information for the site, created the graphics and developed the site.

In the five months before the General Election, we updated the site with information and photos several times. In addition to the site, we also worked on campaign literature and did the event design and coordination for the Primary Election night event.

Ozzie won the election in a landslide. While it would be overstating it to suggest that web site was the cause, the site was part of the overall effort in supporting Ozzie's candidacy.

To see the full, online version, click here.
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Ozzie for Sheriff web site

So, how did we do? Find Ozzie For Sheriff:
Ozzie's web site showed up in the search engines at number one within about four weeks.

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